Football picks – Aalborg vs Odense – Denmark Superliga

Aalborg vs Odense – Denmark champion has to have 5 stages for a ranking in the Europa League.

Aalborg and remembered that it is still the title holder and started playing at their true value. In the last 3 stages collected 7 points, scoring 9 goals and received only one. In the previous match played in front of their supporters had made the score with Hobro (5-0), the latter being a team comparable in value to Odense. There are five rounds until the end of the season and Aalborg have to catch another 6 points from Brondby, ranked 3. Victoria is mandatory, such as day ticket is a must tip one soloist. Kent Nielsen will have to improvise on the left flank of defense because both defenders of the lot on this post are injured – Ahlmann and Gorter. The field will be the highlights of the team, Helenius, Thomsen, Enevoldsen and Anders Jacobsen.

Odense is a soothing place 8 to 10 points behind the first team in the relegation line. Away team comes from the position of newly promoted and can not lay claims in this match. It has five victories this season external, all teams in the bottom half of the ranking. Aalborg’s ground recorded two draws and three defeats in their last 5 games. Ove Pedersen is adept 343 system that ensures superior possession in the attack phase, while leaving more space in defense.