Aston Villa 1-0 West Ham (09.05.2015) Live Commentary

We have been witnesses to an ordinary game without many stirring situations. There is a space for improvement in other games. The home side were better today. Players of the home team presented themselves with possession football. Long balls and crosses were the strongest weapons of the away team.
That’s all for today because the game is over.
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) produces a ferocious strike from the edge of the box. His dangerous effort, directed towards the middle of the goal, is blocked by Adrian (West Ham) who pulls off a superb save to keep the ball out of the net.
Stewart Downing (West Ham) swings in the corner, but fails to find any of his teammates. One of the defenders reacts superbly to get it clear.
Cheikhou Kouyate (West Ham) races towards goal but the defender gets back well to make a challenge. The ball is out-of-play. A goal-scoring opportunity from a corner for West Ham.
It will be the substitution. Carlos Sanchez (Aston Villa) is ready to enter the pitch as Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) walks off.
Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa) looks to break free, but an opposing player clears.
We will have 4 min. of added time.
James Collins (West Ham) commits a foul after unfairly battling his opponent for the ball.
Ashley Westwood (Aston Villa) finds himself in a great opportunity! He unleashed a shot from the edge of the box, which whizzed just wide of the left post!
The attendance for today’s match is 39294.
The Aston Villa players keep the ball and are exchanging a combination of passes. They are waiting for gaps in defence to open up.
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) makes a rough challenge and Lee Mason blows his whistle for a foul.
Substitution. Carlton Cole (West Ham) replaces Mark Noble (West Ham).
Tim Sherwood has decided to make a change. Alan Hutton (Aston Villa) replaces Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa).
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) sends a killer pass from the edge of the box, but one of the defenders reacts at the last minute and thwarts his effort.
This foul is worthy of a card! And it is a yellow shown by referee Lee Mason to the guilty Alex Song (West Ham).
Manager makes a subsitution with Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa) coming on for Charles N’Zogbia (Aston Villa).
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) launches a cross from the corner, but Adrian (West Ham) is alert to thwart the effort.
Charles N’Zogbia (Aston Villa) received a pass inside the box, sent a dangerous shot on goal, but celebration has been thwarted by one of the defenders who stepped in and blocked his effort. It’s hard to say whether the keeper would have been there. The ball goes out-of-play. Aston Villa have been awarded a corner kick.
GOAL DISALLOWED! Controversy and anger as Enner Valencia (West Ham) has a goal ruled out, incredibly, for offside.
Cheikhou Kouyate (West Ham) was trying to get to the ball but hit the legs of the opponent as well. Lee Mason blows the whistle for infingement.
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) sends a lofted cross into the penalty area. Unfortunately for him, the opponent’s defence deals with his cross comfortably and intercepts it.
Nene (West Ham) receives a precise pass on the edge of the box and has an effort on goal. Unfortunately for him, his strike flies inches high over the bar.
Nene (West Ham) swings in the corner kick, but one of the defenders leaps into the air and clears the ball away with a header.
James Collins (West Ham) wins himself just enough space inside the box to connect with the corner, but his header is aimed into the roof of the net and the goalkeeper leaps from the ground and makes a stunning save. The main referee points to the corner flag, West Ham will take a corner.
Mark Noble (West Ham) will take the corner.
A crossfield pass from Cheikhou Kouyate (West Ham) lacked more accuracy, and the opponent gains possession. The referee blows his whistle, West Ham are awarded a corner kick.
The game is interrupted as Enner Valencia (West Ham) is flagged for offside.
Aaron Cresswell (West Ham) hasn’t suffered any serious injury which wouldn’t allow him to stay on the pitch. He’s back in the game now.
Aaron Cresswell (West Ham) is clearly asking for some medical attention with his painful gestures. How serious is his injury is yet to be found out.
Charles N’Zogbia (Aston Villa) found his way through the defence amazingly, but lacked more precision in finishing. His effort from close range went slightly wide of the right post.
Nene (West Ham) takes the resulting corner which is averted.
West Ham now with a spell of possession, but here comes a mistake and the movement is intercepted. The ball goes behind for a corner. West Ham will have an opportunity to endanger the opposition’s goal.
Lee Mason blows the whistle for a foul. Alex Song (West Ham) hacks down one of his opponents.
Close! Nene (West Ham) unleashes a rocket of a shot from the edge of the box and his shot flies just a few inches over the crossbar.
There will be a change on the pitch for the second half. Samuel Allardyce probably wasn’t satisfied enough with the performance of Kevin Nolan (West Ham). He is replaced by Alexandre Song (West Ham).
Samuel Allardyce makes a half-time substitution. Nene (West Ham) comes on in place of Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham).
Half-time break is over and the second half is starting right now. Enjoy yourself!
Well, it hasn’t been the most exciting game in the world but there has been some nice football on display. We hope that the second period will bring more action. The hosts were superior in their performance through the first half. They were more active and precise. Pass and move, the home side display some possession football so far. The visitors display patience as they are waiting for the right moment to hit them on the break.
Lee Mason has ended the first half by blowing the whistle.
Charles N’Zogbia (Aston Villa) sees a yellow card from Lee Mason after he sent one of the opposing players to the ground.
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) tries to send a pass but it’s blocked.
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) produces an effort from the edge of the box, but doesn’t hit the ball properly and sends it yards over the bar.
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) sends the ball into the box from the side of the pitch, but his cross is blocked.
The players claim that Enner Valencia (West Ham) handled the ball and it seems they are right.
What a close effort by Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa), who receives a pass on the edge of the box and shoots. The ball goes by a whisker over the crossbar.
Oh, this didn’t go well. Ashley Westwood (Aston Villa) tried his luck from the edge of the box, but his effort directed to the bottom left corner was too weak to get past Adrian (West Ham), who keeps it out easily.
Lee Mason blows his whistle and it is Kevin Nolan (West Ham) who is penalised for an offensive foul. Good decision by the referee.
Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham) takes the ball to the corner flag to send it into the box from there.
West Ham are showing great team-chemistry. They are passing the ball around seamlessly but finally one of the defending players makes an intereception. The referee signals for a corner kick, West Ham are awarded.
Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham) takes the corner, but the goalkeeper jumps and gathers the ball.
A lofted cross from Carl Jenkinson (West Ham) was unsuccessful as the opponent’s defence quickly gets the ball out of the penalty area. Corner kick. West Ham will have an opportunity.
A clumsy foul by Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) and Lee Mason blows the whistle.
Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa) serves in a nice cross, but the defence clear the danger.
It’s in the back of the net! Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) is the provider as he slips the ball to Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) who simply steers it home from close range. It’s 1:0.
Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham) swings a cross into the box, but is far too close to Shay Given (Aston Villa), who smothers the ball.
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) delivers a promising cross into the box which is cleared.
Fabian Delph (Aston Villa) connected with a pass around the edge of the box, aimed and struck. His attempt went low into the middle of the target, but Adrian (West Ham) was alert and didn’t let the score change.
Neat passing move from Aston Villa in order to create new attacking opportunities.
Fabian Delph (Aston Villa) produces a solo run, but he fails to create a chance as the opposition player cuts him out.
Aaron Cresswell (West Ham) attempts to whip in a crossfield pass, the defence does well to intercept the ball.
Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) fails to beat the offside trap and the linesman puts his flag up.
Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) receives a precise pass inside the box and takes a shot that flies just wide of the right post.
Referee Lee Mason sees tripping by James Collins (West Ham) and doesn’t hesitate to blow the whistle.
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) picks up a lofted cross inside the box and releases a quick shot to the left post. His promising effort is denied by Adrian (West Ham), who pulls off a stunning save!
Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa) produces a quality pass into the box, the opposition’s defence intercepts the ball and spanks it away.
Charles N’Zogbia (Aston Villa) collects a brilliant pass inside the box and finds himself in a goal scoring opportunity. He takes a shot, but the effort is well blocked by one of the defending players.
The resulting corner from Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) is cleared by the defence.
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) fails to send a pass into the box. His effort is cut out. The ball is out-of-play, and the assistant referee points at the corner flag. Aston Villa will take it.
Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa) stands over the resultant free kick from mid-range, but his shot goes just over the crossbar. It could have been a fantastic goal!
Lee Mason blows the whistle. Mark Noble (West Ham) brings one of his opponents down with a harsh tackle. Aston Villa have a free kick.
The ball is cleared after Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) attempted to dribble past an opposing player.
Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham) is flagged for offside.
Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham) found some space to play in a lofted pass, but it didn’t meet his expactations as none of his teammates managed to connect with it.
Today’s match has just started, enjoy yourself!
The players are on the pitch and Aston Villa will have the kick-off.
Let us introduce today’s referee to you, and it is Lee Mason.
Before the start of the game, you can see the starting lineups for today’s clash.
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